Anonabox suspended on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has suspended the Anonabox, the router that sends traffic via TOR to protect user privacy and anonymity that we discussed here. It has been suspended because it mislead backers into thinking that it built and designed its own custom hardware.

It turns out that the Anonabox is built from off the shelf hardware available from Chinese manufacturers, and anybody can buy it. The only difference here is it has been tweaked to include more memory. Another criticism of the Anonabox is the device’s security. It seems the software on the device isn’t as secure as it would seem to be; by default the Anonabox has no password on the wifi, meaning it’s open and vulnerable to spying or being compromised by hackers.

So the Kickstarter campaign has now been suspended meaning that all pledges have been cancelled and Anonabox won’t receive any of its promised funding. Anonabox blew through it’s very modest $7,500 dollars goal, and in total backers pledged about half a million dollars towards the project. Again none of these pledges will ever come to fruition.  In response to this, Anonabox will now be selling the router via its own online store in the near future though there’s no specific date as to when it will be on sale. This means that anybody who is still excited by the project and wants to get hold of one, will be able to in due course.

This is not the first time Kickstarter has suspended crowdfunding projects. They will suspend projects that mislead backers, or claim others people’s work to be their own. Other reasons include misrepresenting the project by self funding their project, or selling off the shelf products as if they’re made by the project.

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