Anonabox will anonymise your all your online activities

Anonabox uses open-source software and the TOR network in an attempt to anonymise your Internet usage. It promises to encrypt and make all your Internet usage anonymous, hiding your activity from your ISP, local government and anybody else who may be trying to snoop. This is perfect for countries where Internet access is restricted and censored allowing citizens to bypass government censorship efforts.

The projects goal was to make it easily accessible for anybody to have secure and private access to the Internet. Anonabox uses open-source hardware and software to make it work. It’s built on Open WRT, and would allow anybody to modify and customise the firmware. To give you an idea of how small it is, they say a cigarette packet will fit two Anonabox’s inside. Anonabox will be an easy solution to make all your activities private.

So what is TOR? TOR stands for The Onion Router, it’s a piece of software that bounces your data around the web before getting to it’s destination in order to hide where it original came from. Bloomberg has a great explanation:


For those interested you can back the Anonabox project here.

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