Apple unveils iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

Today at the Apple iPad and Mac event Apple unveiled successors to the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2. They come with a slew of improvements and now they also come with touch ID. Other announcements include iOS 8.1, new Macs, and the release of OS X Yosemite.

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

The new iPad Air 2 has a slew of improvements. It now comes with the new A8X chip, bringing better performance and graphics power. As you’d expect it’s thinner and lighter than previous models of iPad. It also comes with touch ID and Apple Pay, however it does not come with an NFC chip. Ergo you won’t be able to make in store payments with it.

Apple has also improved both the front and rear cameras. The rear is camera is a new 8 megapixel ‘iSight’ camera, and will now take the best photos yet from an iPad. This won’t however, stop me hating on tablet photography. Apple may have put good cameras into their iPads, but you still look silly using it to take photos and videos. It is however without a flash, which has obvious drawbacks. It seems a little odd that they would put a good camera in the iPad and not include a flash. It does however have plenty of interesting features, such as slow motion video, time lapse, burst mode and high resolution panoramas.

Along with improved cameras, it now comes with a laminated display. For iPad users this means you’ll finally have a gapless display which is one of the contributing factors to the new devices being a lot thinner than previously have been possible. As expected the new iPad Air 2 comes in, grey, white and gold.

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 3

There’s not much new to the iPad Mini 3, other than touch ID. It’s essentially the same as the iPad Mini 2, except it’s available in gold. If you have the previous generation it’s really not worth upgrading. Touch ID is really not worth the premium.

They’re both available in 16, 64 and 128 gigabytes of storage and have LTE variants, and are available to pre-order from the 17th of October.

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