Bluesmart is a smart, connected suitcase

Bluesmart is seeking funding via InideGoGo and is claiming to be the world’s first smart and connected suitcase. So far it’s about 60% towards its funding goal. It’s waterproof, has a built-in battery to charge your devices and has GPS which allows you to track its location. They claim it solves many of the problems a modern traveller faces.

Bluesmart connects to your smartphone, and allows you to lock and unlock your suitcase from your mobile. It will also tell you if anybody tries to unlock the suitcase, and access to the suitcase can be shared with other people. One of the best features of the suitcase is it has an inbuilt digital scale. All you do is lift with the handle and it will measure the weight of your suitcase and its contents.

Its built-in battery allows you to charge up to two devices simultaneously over USB. The Bluesmart suitcase contains proximity sensors alerting you if you leave it behind, and you can also track it using a proximity heat map. It contains GPS and will send you the location of the device over the “Bluesmart network.” Not much is known about the Bluesmart network, though they say it will cover the whole planet as it grows. I’m just going to assume it’s a virtual network piggybacking on other carriers such as T-Mobile.

bluesmartThere’s a front compartment for electronic devices such as your tablet, or laptop which has a digital lock. This digital lock can be opened from your smartphone making it easy to access your electronics when going through airport security.

The body is made from polycarbonate and has zip covers which waterproof the suitcase, meaning you won’t be caught out by weather and moisture keeping your luggage safe. The handles are made from anodised aluminium, and as expected comes with wheels making it ultra-portable and easy to carry around.

You can contribute to their campaign here.

Images via Bluesmart IndieGoGo campaign

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