5 Charging accessories you need in your life

Does low battery strike fear in your heart? Do you suffer from nomophobia? If you’re the sort of person who panics when your phone is about to die and you’re nowhere near a charger, then these accessories are definitely for you. If you’re a gadget lover like myself and have managed to acquire more devices than you know what to do with, you might find this list pretty useful.

In the home:

Griffin Powerdock 5

612SJ2H3qKL._SL1280_The Griffin Powerdock 5 has, you guessed it, 5 power ports. It gives out 2.1 amps per USB port, so it wont charge your devices superfast but it will charge them. It has neat dividers that make it easy to dock all your devices. It’s probably more suited for sitting on a desk but it’s still pretty neat, and good for saving space as opposed to having your gadgets sprawled everywhere.

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Expower Qi Wireless Charger

QI Wireless Charger

Got a Qi enabled device? Many of the Nokia Microsoft Lumia, Nexus, some Samsung Galaxy, and a few other devices have Qi wireless charging built-in. However, if your phone doesn’t have it built-in there are still options. Samsung Galaxy owners can get adapters to enable Qi wireless charging (here), and for iPhone and Sony users wireless charging cases are also available.  Now Qi wireless charging isn’t the fastest, or even the most efficient, but it is a simple way to just put your phone down and have it charge without fumbling with cables.

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Anker 40W 5 USB Charger

5 port USB charger

Out of all the other multiport USB chargers features this is by far the best. It supports power IQ, which means it will up the power for compatible iOS and Android devices so they’ll charge at the rate they’re designed to. This can output up to 40W of power so that all of your devices up to that limit will charge as fast as possible (excluding turbo charging), unlike some other chargers which will only output 2.1 amps per USB port.

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For those looking for power on-the-go, this set of accessories would be ideal, especially for those going on long trips or if your smartphone battery just isn’t what it used to be.

Anker Foldable Solar Powered Charger

Solar Charger

For the traveller this makes perfect sense. If you go on long trips to areas where power is a bit patchy, such as camping holidays, this makes perfect sense. The Anker Foldable Solar Charger is small enough to fit comfortably in a backpack; it has two ports and up to 14w of power output; and it supports power IQ allowing compatible devices to charge as fast and safely as possible. This makes a great travel companion for charging your phone and an external battery.

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LugaLake Portable Wireless Power Bank

Wireless power bank

Everybody has seen portable power banks – everybody from HTC to Mi makes them – but this one is a bit different. If, as we discussed earlier, you have a Qi wireless charging enabled device (either out of the box or via a modification) this could be ideal for charging on-the-go. Slip it into one of your pockets and use it when you need it with no need for any extra cables. With 6000mAh of power stored in here you will get 2-3 full charges out of it, depending on the size of your phone’s battery.

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Bonus: Animated LED Charging Cable for iPhone



These animated LED charging cables make for a fantastic surprise. From what I hear these cables don’t last very long but they make for a great novelty item, especially as a gift. They come in many different colours and have versions available for Android but are more commonly made for iDevices.

Within the cable are LEDs that light up as power runs through it to charge your device. As the charging rate changes, so does the animation.

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