Meet Xim Microsoft’s new photo sharing service

Today Microsoft launched a new photo sharing service called Xim, available on iOS, Android and Windows (phone). Xim is different to most other photo sharing apps in that you don’t need the app to be installed for others to view your photos. Xim allows you to share photos from your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and One Drive; simply¬†invite people to view your photos with contact information from your phone book and they receive an SMS.

Everybody then views the photos in unison, even panning and zooming across photos is shared simultaneously. This is what makes Xim different to Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr and other photo sharing services.  The service centers around allowing people to view your photos without having to use your phone.

Xim Xim 2

However one similarity Xim has with it’s competitors is that the photos don’t last forever, although they don’t state how long the image will be available to view. The project comes from Microsoft’s Fuse research lab, and is available right now on iOS, Android and Windows.

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