Plastc Card aims to replace your wallet

Remember Coin? The quirky card aiming to replace all the cards in your wallet, after looking at Plastc you may have a little deja-vu. Plastc has a more traditional design and more features. Could we finally see the end of a wallet full of cards? Maybe.

Coin still hasn’t shipped and Apple is (finally) making a push for mobile payments so it could be too little too late for Plastc, however the concept is still very exciting. Currently only available to pre-order but it has a lot to say for itself.

Plastc features a touchscreen e-ink display, rewritable magnetic strip and a re-writable NFC/RFID chip for contactless payments. Much like Coin you can add credit and debit cards, as well as being able to add gift cards, access cards and loyalty cards. The card does require (wireless) charging, however if you’re caught off-guard it will lock to your default card until you’re able to charge it again.

By default Plastc is turned off until you select a card, helping prevent fraud and misuse of your card. To access your cards you first need to enter a pin. Plastc also gives your proximity alerts to prevent you from leaving behind your card, and includes the ability to be able to wipe your card remotely.

As to be expected Plastc comes with a mobile companion, allowing you to manage your Plastc and cards stored within it, as well as the ability to track your expenses and balances across your cards. The company is also promising future software updates hopefully meaning we’re not upgrading it every year like most other consumer tech. We’ll have to see how this one works out, could it be too little too late for Plastc? With PayPal and eBay splitting into two companies to take on Square and Apple the competition is heating up! However there’s hope yet as Apple Pay seems to be US only.


Source: Plastc

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