PlexiDrone wants to reinvent the drone in a snap

20141007014142-SECTION4-MEET-PLEXIPACKPlexiDrone is a super-portable drone currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo, and is the creation of a company called DreamQii. DreamQii are attempting to reinvent the drone, in a snap. The PlexiDrone can be disassembled and fits entirely into a hard shell backpack, making it portable enough to bring with you anywhere, as opposed to the large cases required for other drones.

PlexiDrone not only folds into a small backpack, it’s landing gear automatically retracts getting out of the way of your shots, and videos. The PlexiDrone comes with a slew of other, and rather clever features. As standard the PlexiDrone is controlled by your smartphone and comes with GPS. One of the interesting features is something called “GPS Follow Me” which allows the PlexiDrone with a camera (or “payloads” as they’re calling them, more on this later) allowing you to record your; runs, bike rides and other activities without any real input from you.

Unlike other drones, PlexiDrone will speak to you telling you when it’s ready to fly and is assembled properly, as well as telling you when you’re in it’s way. According to DreamQii, the PlexiDrone can be put together in about a minute with a few “snaps.”

payloadsPlexiDrone is modular, and comes together in “snaps”, the whole thing clips together, making damaged parts easy to replace. As mentioned earlier, It makes use of payloads – various devices that click to the underbelly of the drone and allow you to fly it with a Go Pro, Bublecam, mirror-less cameras and many other cameras and tools.  We’re also likely to see other payloads as time goes on. This should make it easy to switch between cameras and tools.

PlexiDrone also makes it easy to fly multiple drones at once as a swarm of drones. This would allow you to capture an event from multiple different angles with ease. The smartphone app lets you set paths, for either a single drone or a swarm of them allowing you to orchestrate a recording from various angles without needing complex controls.

Check out the video to see some of the features for yourself.

Images via PlexiDrone / IndieGoGo

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