The 4 best budget drones you can buy

This year it’s all about the drones. Many of those getting a lot of the attention have been really quite pricey, however you don’t need to be swimming in the money to have all the fun – there are a number of reasonably priced drones that are more than worth considering, especially when you not only need to budget for the drone itself, but repairs too. Here’s our list of some of the best budgets drones you can buy.

Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter

Hubson Nano Drone At £30 / US$37.99 this is not only the smallest drone in our list, but also the cheapest. This tiny quadcopter even has a gyroscope inside to make sure it flies level and self-corrects itself. Compared to the tiny size of the Q4 Nano Quadcopter, the controller is big and chunky so you shouldn’t struggle too much to fly it. Hubsan promises its plastic and metal frame is strong enough to survive quite a few bumps and knocks, although at this price it wouldn’t break the bank to replace it either. The Q4 is available from RED5, Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

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RED5 Amazon UK  Amazon US  Amazon Canada

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SYMA X4 Quadcopter

Syma X4 Like the Hubsan Q4, this is at the lower end of our price scale at about £35 / US$37. It’s also a lot bigger than the Q4, but still packs in a gyroscope and has a chunky controller.  This indoor/outdoor quadcopter has a six axis gyroscope, which will allow you to throw it up in the air and it will self-balance. This also means you can do flips, and other tricks on the controls without worrying if it’s up the right way. The propeller guards should also help protect it from a few knocks and bumps.

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RED5 Amazon UK Amazon US  Amazon Canada

Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

parrot drone spiderThis is one of our more interesting drones available. The Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider can both fly and roll. At £65 / US$99, it’s almost double the price of our previous drones. This is however, made by Parrot who are best known for their older AR drones. They now have a wider range but this was the most interesting – it can roll up walls, across ceilings, as well as fly like traditional drones as the wheels are removable. You do pay a bit more for this of course, but it means you can fly it from your phone or tablet. It also has a much better and safer battery that comes with its own dock for charging.

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RED5 Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon Canada

DJI Phantom FC40

DJI Phantom FC40 drone

At about £365 / US$490 this is our most expensive budget drone, though it’s at least half the price of the other drones in the DJI Phantom range. The DJI Phantom FC40 is controlled from a proprietary remote with a range of 400 metres (over 5Ghz), and provides video feed to your smartphone or tablet up to 100 metres.  With its large removable battery, the FC40 has a flight time of about 15 minutes. It comes with an inbuilt camera that allows you to capture aerial footage in HD, though the mount can be swapped out and replaced with a GoPro.

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DJI Store Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon Canada

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