DJI Inspire 1, is DJI’s greatest drone yet!

DJI has unveiled their latest drone, the Inspire 1. The Inspire 1 is like nothing DJI has created before, as unlike their other Phantom range of drones the propellers aren’t in a fixed position. The Inspire 1 transforms its shape for different flight modes and is packed with new sensors, technology and a new camera capable of 4K video! 

When in flight the Inspire 1’s arms raise up out of the way of the stabilized camera gimbal allowing you full 360 degree view, unobstructed by the drone itself. Speaking of the camera, it’s a 12 megapixel camera with 4K video, and with support for Adobe DNG RAW files. The lens has nine elements giving you a wide, low distortion image with high clarity. The controller for the new Inspire 1 also packs in DJI’s lightbridge technology meaning you can get a live HD video feed from the drone up to 2KM away. The camera gimbal is detachable allowing you to upgrade to newer cameras in the future.

Unlike other drones, the DJI Inspire 1 lets you add another controller, allowing one person to control the camera, and another to control the flight giving your more precision than ever. The Inspire 1 also packs in new downward facing optical sensors allowing easier flight and control indoors than ever before, which will keep the Inspire 1 stable and can respond to your controls without a GPS connection.

dji inspire 1 appAs expected, the DJI Inspire 1 has a companion app, and this is where the video feed comes in. The app comes with controls such as flight path planning and image and video control, allowing you to set the resolution and video FPS recorded. Not only that, the UI (as seen above) is packed with information, such as signal quality for both the controller and the video feed, battery status, and GPS status. All this information is layered upon a virtual live viewfinder, meaning you can see information about the DJI Inspire 1’s camera settings such as F-Stop, exposure compensation, resolution and file format – all the information you would expect from a digital camera display and digital viewfinder.  All this innovation does come at a cost though, at over £2300 with a single controller via the DJI store.

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