Acer reveals Lego PC

At IFA in Berlin, Acer has revealed the Revo Build, a computer you can simply build yourself with blocks. These blocks are simply stacked on top of each other to build the PC you would like.

It starts with a base which comes with either an Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron processor, and up to 8GB of RAM. From then on you can add a graphics block, or add a hot swappable hard drive block. However arguably the coolest block of all is the power block. It’s an external battery you can take with you with a wireless charging plate on the top. Allowing you to charge your mobile phone and other wireless charging enabled devices simply by placing it on the top.



At the event Acer also unveiled additions to its Predator gaming lineup. Including the new Predator 8 tablet, which I assume it intended to rival the Nvidia Shield tablet. The tablet comes with Intel’s new x7 atom processor. They’re also pushing the display in this tablet the 8 inch FHD display has, according to Acer 100% NTSC colour gamut. Secondly the device is also pushing audio with as you can see from the pictures below four speakers supposedly giving a virtual surround illusion. What’s more┬áthe new Predator 8 comes with two haptic feedback motors. Making it more like a traditional games controller with rumble.

Predator 8 tablet


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